Summer School 2022

Summer School 2022 – CUPAGIS training in Prague 25 - 29 July 2022

The second major training event of CUPAGIS was taking place at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague under leadership of Prof František Kumhala and Prof Jitka Kumhalova and with participation of 14 professors and teachers from Algerian partner universities. As much of the presented material is relevant and applicable for wider audience, the event was organized back-to-back with a similar training in the frame of other EU projects, such as NICOPA. Doing so made it possible to establish contacts between professors and teachers in different fields and regions. Such contacts and possible further transboundary and interdisciplinary cooperation could play a major role in supporting sustainability of the outcome of single projects.

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Similar to other CUPAGIS trainings and workshops, the program included a wide variety of subjects. It ranged from specialized topics on precision agriculture and its supporting knowledge, such as the use of robots and drones in agriculture, up to generic transferable aspects, such as development of communication skills and sharing experience in running and managing of large international projects presented by the coordinator Prof Tarmo Soomere. Particularly interesting for participants were visits to experimental farms in Steknik and Dolni Ujezd that included hands-on training and practical demonstration of the use of precision farming technologies in practical operation of agricultural holdings.

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